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When it comes to manufacturing of hydro power generation equipment, we have proven expertise in manufacturing complex equipment both on the turbine side as well as the generator side.

Successfully Manufactured and Supplied Equipment’s in 2021-22.

Top Cover: Successfully executed manufacturing of 2 sets of 35 MT each for Palamuru Rangareddy Project

Spiral Casing: Successfully executed manufacturing of 2 sets of 52 MT each for Palamuru Rangareddy Project

Draft Tube (DT) Liner: 3 sets successfully manufactured of 19-21 MT for various stages of Projects Palamuru and Kaleshwaram

MIV Body: 4 sets of 25 MT per set for Palamuru, Rangareddy

  • We have manufactured Draft Tube Liners: 4 sets with 22.5 meters in diameter and 80 MT in weight.
  • We have qualified welders who can weld plates up to 200 mm in thickness used in manufacturing equipment like Top Covers
  • We have produced turbine housing of 7 meters in diameter.
  • The Runner Envelope is manufactured with alternate layers of high tensile steel and stainless steel. The Stay Ring uses casting steel and high tensile steel. We specialize in fabricating various types of steel to meet the technical specifications and design requirements.
  • We have executed heavy-duty fabrication jobs ranging up to 40 MT for equipment like Pivot Ring, Regulating Ring and Top & Bottom Brackets.
  • 100% Radiographic Welding Tested Jobs: We have completed projects such as the Air and Pressure Receivers. These jobs have been 100% radiographically tested.
  • We have qualified weldors who can weld plates up to 150mm in thickness used in manufacturing of equipment such as the Top Cover.
  • We have executed highly complex projects such as the Draft Tube Liner, Spiral Casing and Stay Ring which require expertise both in fabrication as well as assembly.

We are amongst the very few Heavy Steel Fabricators who can manufacture all kinds of jobs which are critical in use and require heavy precision in Fitting and Welding Processes.

A few successfully executed hydro power project equipments -

Draft tube liner Polavaram HEP, Shahpurkandi
Spiral Casing Shahpurkandi
Stay Ring Nethampad, Palamuru Rangareddy
Presure Receiver Hasdeobango, Bansager, Ghatprabha, Sungaipia, Kodasalli, Srisailam, Almati, Kuttiyadi, Allain Duhagan, Sewa, PRLIS STG-3
Top Bracket Bansager, Nethampad, Sriramsagar, Teesta
PP Set Ghatprabha, UVDC, Kadra, Dhudhganga
Pivot Ring Lower Periyak, Kadra, SS Canal, Kodasalli, Gerusappa, Indrasager, Nethampad, Maheshwar, Nagarjunagasar, Nagarjunasager, Teesta Low Dam, Shahpurkandi
Air Receiver Sungaipia, Sewa, Prabati, Allain Duhagan, Sriramsagar, Kodayar
Regulating Ring Lower Periyak, Nethampad, Koldam
Bottom Bracket Center Assembly Turial
Runner Envelope Indrasagar, Nagarjunasagar
Top Cover Sriramsagar, Srinagar, Maheswar, Teesta Low Dam, Arun, Shahpurkandi
Turbine Housing Nethampad
Stator Frames KLIS L4 P2, Kaleshwaram